Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon
It is a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical aid in the treatment of obesity. It consists of

  • It consist of a soft, expandable, smooth and rounded silicon balloon
  • Placement tube
  • A filling tube, so a doctor can orally insert this weight loss aid

How does it work?
Feeling of fullness by partially occupying space in the stomach.
Product Features:

  • Rounded, smooth, soft balloon with proven durability and minimal irritation.
  • Radio-opaque and self sealing valve
  • Capacity of balloon: 400 to 700cc

Placement and Removal: Doctor conducts initial examination of stomach using endoscope. If no abnormality is found, the doctor proceeds with placement of balloon through mouth and down the esophagus into stomach. The balloon is inserted while in its smallest and deflated form. Once balloon reached inside the stomach, it is filled with saline through a small filling tube attached to the balloon. Once filled the filling tube is removed by gently pulling on the external end. Procedure usually takes 20–30mins. Balloon must be removed within six month with similar procedure to that of placement.

  • Preparation and selection in view of further surgery in super obese patients with high risk.
  • Contraindication to surgical treatment.
  • Reduction of an anesthetic risk.
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